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June 2017 marked the ending of a wonderful academic year. Also coming to an end was the term of office of the Students Union of the Xiamen University Law School and thus the additional responsibility of selecting a new set of executives to spearhead the union’s activities. The authorities of the Xiamen Law School in their bid to ensure a united student front and a collective participation by all students thought it needful to introduce a sub-union for the international students.

The inauguration, which came off on the 23rd of June, was after the nominated executives had been interviewed and judged as qualified to hold the prospective offices allocated. The portfolios are as follows; Perry Ackon for the office of the president, Leo Zeng as the vice president, Akosua Serwaah Akoto as the general secretary, Lee Sohee as the publicity director, Gloria Melina Torres as the academic director, Moussaoud Chrisna as the director for cultural exchange, Palmer Dagadu as the sports director and Andrew Vongh as the ex-officio.

Present at the inauguration were Mr. Gao Bin the students leader, Miss Linda Dong the international coordinator of the Xiamen University Law School and representatives from the executive team of the mother students union of the Xiamen University Law School. With words of encouragement and solidarity floating within the various speeches of all present the vision and objective of the sub-union was made very clear from the scratch. To unite the international students front and make life easy for all who pursue academic excellence at the Xiamen University Law School from their various countries.

Highlighting the required standards of the Xiamen University and the government of China as a whole, the first ever board of executives of the international students sub-union of the Xiamen University Law School will certainly set the pace in the right direction for international students within Xiamen University Law School. The ceremony ended with pictures and a lot of laughter as all were happy and ready for the task ahead. The ending of the ceremony made way for a short engagement by Miss Dong and some of the Ph.D. students present with first year international master’s program law students.

The session which was aimed at enlightening the students on the right approach to thesis and some new regulations that have been included by the authorities of the Law School. Touching on the key requirements of the structure and procedures required for writing a good thesis Miss Dong spoke to the satisfaction of the international master’s program students. Followed up by very insightful comments and contributions by current Ph.D. students the session was deemed a success as many of the international students had their questions answered and doubts concerning some requirements cleared.

Xiamen University Law School is one of the best in Asia and the world at large. The idea to internationalise the law school is not only good for China but also all the various countries from which its international students come from. Though demanding, the University is keen on making the Law School seated among the top ranked in the world. As such, the students must endeavour to make the best out of this environment of excellence.     

Editor: Akosua Serwaah Akoto

Photographer: Huang Junjiao, Dong Xiaoqing